Pricing and Loyalty programs

DHR Pricing and Loyalty Programs

Prices offered on this website are for DHR mail, phone and web orders only. Due to the high cost of consulting, staff, service overheads and rents, Freedom Hair Systems' in house prices differ from those found on this website. Please call for more information on our in house pricing.

DHR tries to maintain the best prices available on the web. The proof of this is that we offer systems from the major manufacturers at very discounted prices, whereas other websites don't. Salons and studios charge thousands of dollars for these same systems. We also offer customized programs with further discounts for loyalty purchases. Please call us to discuss your pricing needs and be sure to see our loyaty pricing programs below.

DHR Loyalty Programs

DHR rewards it's clients for their loyalty. If you order your second system within a certain time period, or purchase more then 1 system at a time, you save money. The charts below shows just much you can save on your orders. Please note that discounts will not show up on your shopping cart. Discounts are automatically applied to your purchase once your order is processed and confirmed by return email. To find out how much of a discount you qualify for, please use the chart below or feel free to contact us. For more information on how you can save on multi-unit and repeat orders, please call us toll free at 1-888-286-3115. Note: loyalty programs cannot be combined. We do, however, make special pricing arrangements for those ordering more then 6 systems per year.
Repeat Order Pricing
Order Period Discount % Discount on $300 systems Discount on $400 systems Discount on $500 systems
10-12 months 5% $15 $20 $25
8 - 10 months 7.5% $22.50 $30 $37.50
6 - 8 months 10% $30 $40 $50
4 - 6 months 12.5% $37.50 $50 $62.5
1- 4 months 15% $45 $60 $75

Multi-Unit Order Pricing
Number of Units Discount % Discount on $300 systems Discount on $400 systems Discount on $400 systems
2 Systems 10% $60 $80 $100
3 or more Systems 15% $135 $180 $225