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Synthetic Hair Systems are available from both New Image and OnRite. Also, they are available in any design or model by custom order. Below are listed the available stock Items in Synthetic Hair. For Biolon Synthetic Hair, please see New Image Biolon.

Advantages of Synthetic Hair

Although we personally prefer human hair in hair systems, synthetic hair, also called "synthetic fiber", has a number of advantages and is preferred by many people. Synthetic hair is made from compounds called "Tuopolon" or "Kenekalon". These are the standard synthetic hair types used in hair systems. Synthetic hair is generally styled using steam, and the style will stay in the hair through a number of washes. It will also hold it's color much longer then human hair, however it cannot be colored once it fades and discolors. Synthetic hair systems will tend to hold their hair much better then human hair systems as well.

Their are some newer types of synthetic hair, usually called "high-heat" or "heat resistant" fiber. These types of fibers allow the use of curling, irons, flat irons, hot rollers, an blow dryers up to certain temperatures. This allows for further styling flexibility with your synthetic hair.

Finally, the most durable type of synthetic hair, in fact it is almost indestructible under normal conditions, is called Cyber Hair. Cyber Hair is made from nylon, rather then the standard synthetic fibers. This type of hair lasts for years without any color fading, hair loss and breakage, loss of curl, or frizzing. It can be washed and styled like human hair. Cyber Hair is only available by custom order and must be ordered through our clinic as a special molding and design process is required. For more information on Cyber Hair, please contact us.

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Patrick Hair System by OnRite
Our Price: $439.00

Fine monofilament base with a clear skin scalloped front.
New Image Geomatrix 1
GM 1

New Image Geomatrix 1 is designed with a thin skin front with scallop # 5. It has a fine mono base poly urethane coating around the sides and back.