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Hair Systems

DHR maintains a wide selection of pre-made stock hair systems. Choose from the complete line of New Image and OnRite hair systems, which set the standard for quality and consistency..

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Attachment Products and Kits

Attachments Products include everything from double sided medical adhesives, liquid adhesives and removers,clips, as well as permanent attachment products and kits. We also carry the most popular and advanced hair piece bonding glues and hair piece tapes.

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Hair Care Products

In this category we include specialty products that are helpful to maintaining your hair system. Here you will find color shampoos as well as proteins, and other specialties styling products..

From the Beginning
From the Beginning

Our Story

DHR is owned and operated by Freedom Hair Systems, a hair loss and hair replacement clinic located in Toronto, Ontario. We have been providing hair replacement systems, services, and products to satisfied clients for over 40 years.