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CapillusONE | 112 Diodes CapillusONE S | 128 Diodes Capillus Plus 202
CapillusONE | 112 Diodes
Our Price: CA$1,550.00
CapillusONE S | 128 Diodes
Our Price: CA$1,790.00
Capillus Plus | 202 Diodes
Our Price: CA$2,490.00
Assist in rejuvenating thinning hair due to genetic factors and help halt the progression of hair loss.
Boasting 128 medical-grade laser diodes, it has the capability to prevent additional hair loss and stimulate regrowth for thinning hair.
The Capillus Plus 202 Laser Cap is the best value with 202 Lasers for dense scalp coverage.
CapillusPLUS S1 | 214 Diodes Capillus Pro | 272 Diodes CapillusPRO S1 | 304 Diodes
CapillusPLUS S1 | 214 Diodes
Our Price: CA$2,590.00
Capillus Pro | 272 Diodes
Our Price: CA$3,390.00
CapillusPRO S1 | 304 Diodes
Our Price: CA$3,590.00
Effectively stops hair loss and reverses the balding process in individuals, both men and women, facing hereditary hair loss.

The Capillus 272 is a hair growth device that has been clinically proven to prevent hair loss and reverse balding in individuals with hereditary hair loss. Achieve clinically proven results effortlessly in just 6 minutes a day with our most powerful consumer device, the Capillus PRO S1.
Capillus Rx | 312 Diodes
Capillus Rx | 312 Diodes
Our Price: CA$3,750.00
Clinical-grade laser therapy unit designed for non-invasive, and pain-free treatment for hair loss almost anywhere, anytime.