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Jorgen Hair Care products are an excellent and inexpensive line designed for maintanance of hair systems. The line contains all the products you need for cleaning, protecting, and styling your hair systems.
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Jorgen Daily Conditioner Jorgen Daily Conditioner

Daily Conditioner for Human Hair. Use after every shampoo

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Enhancer Jorgen Enhancer

Conditioner for synthetic hair

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Leave-On Conditioner Jorgen Leave-On Conditioner

Leave-on spray conditioner, detangler

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Renew Jorgen Renew

Renew is an eucalyptus scalp cleaner that leaves your scalp fresh and clean.

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Daily Shampoo Jorgen Daily Shampoo

Specially designed for Hair Replacements

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Volume Plus Jorgen Volume Plus

Daily Shampoo for extra lather and body

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Moisturizing Shampoo Jorgen Moisturizing Shampoo

Daily Moisturizing Shampoo is excellent for the color processed and permed human hair of hair systems. For best results, use with Moisturizing Conditioner.

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Moisturizing Conditioner Jorgen Moisturizing Conditioner

Daily Moisturizing Conditioner is excellent for the color processed and permed human hair of hair systems.

Our Price: CA$13.95
Jorgen Finishing Spray Jorgen Finishing Spray

Light hold holding spray.

Our Price: CA$14.50
Jorgen Sculpting Hold Jorgen Sculpting Hold

This is a strong hold stylng and holding spray

Our Price: CA$14.50
Jorgen Wet Look Lotion Jorgen Wet Look Lotion

Wet look is a liquid spray gel with excellent holding and styling qualities.

Our Price: CA$14.95
Jorgen Medicated Shampoo Jorgen Medicated Shampoo

Daily medicated zinc pyrithione shampoo. This shampoo eliminates bacteria and fights dundruff. Non-alkaline PH balance of 4.5 to 5.5 for haelthy hair. An excellent shampoo for permanent attachment users.

Our Price: CA$19.95
Jorgen Oxidation Spray Jorgen Oxidation Spray

Jorge Oxidation Spray has the ability to neutralize oxidation and prevent fading, sun bleaching, dry ends, limp body and a dull appearance. This spray also has great UV protection and will not need to be rinsed out of the hair.

Our Price: CA$19.95
Jorgen Bio Enzyme Jorgen Bio Enzyme

Scalp cleanser. Removes oil from hair. Odor eliminator. Spray on, leaven-in.

Our Price: CA$19.95
Jorgen Amber Jorgen Amber

Fast acting citrus based solvent good for all bases.

Our Price: CA$19.95
Jorgen Protein Conditioner Jorgen Protein Conditioner

Jorgen Protein Conditioner is a leave-on conditioner/detangler with protein and sunscreen for excellent hair maintenence.

Our Price: CA$20.95
Jorgen Liquid Tape Jorgen Liquid Tape

Adhesive for enhancing tape attachments

Our Price: CA$23.95