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DHR Exclusives are a series of stock hair systems that are designed to last longer then similar systems by other manufacturers. These systems are made with fine materials and top quality Reme human hair, and utilize a new advanced knotting technique that is both natural looking and secure.

For Men, there are 3 options.

The Storm: so called because it can withstand a storm, is very similar to the OnRite Patrick and the New Image GM1.

The Oslo: European inspired look and feel, an ultra thin skin system with invisible fine knotting for longevity.

The Viva: A thin Skin System with scalloped front and medium poly thickness for a longer life.

For Women, there are 2 options.

Blaze: A versatile partial design with long 16" hair and full density.

Maay (Pronounce "May"): An all skin top of the head system for Women.

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DHR Hair System - Blaze DHR Hair System - Maay DHR Exclusive Hair System: Oslo
Our Price: CA$950.00
Our Price: CA$1,125.00
Our Price: CA$640.00
DHR Blaze - A durable full 16" length hair systems for women.
DHR Maay - All thin skin top of the head system for Women
Durable, super thin skin hair system with single fine knotting.
DHR Hair System - Strom Viva Hair System
Our Price: CA$750.00
Our Price: CA$640.00
DHR Storm - Durable and Versatile Hair System
All Medium Skin Hair System