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The revolutionary iGrow is the first "helmet" type laser hair system for home use, allowing you the convenience of hands-free hair loss treatments. Similar to Clinical Hair Loss Lasers, iGrow utilizes focused lasers to stimulate ATP, which increase hair density.

USA Clients Save Big: The Canadian dollar is down. That means when you pay for your iGrow with your US credit card, you will save 20% to 25% off the price: $749.00 CAD = approx. $599.00 USD!

Treating hair loss also means maintaining a healthy scalp. While the laser component stimulates ATP and hair growth, LED lights help to maintain scalp health and blood flow. iGrow can be combined with other hair treatments, including minoxidil, finasteride, and a good scalp hygiene program. We recommend Bioscal for maintaining a healthy, sebum free scalp.

iGrow features

  • 5 Settings for different degrees of hair loss in men and woman
  • Effective for both Men and Women
  • FDA and Health Canada Approved
  • Proven Technology in the area of Hair Loss Treatment
  • Auxiliary input for music player attachment
  • Fast, convenient, easy hands free operation
  • Excellent results

Results - read the clinical studies results: iGrow Clinical Studies

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iGrow Hair Growth Laser System
iGrow Hands-Free Hair Rejuvenation System.