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Introducing The All New Hairmax Laser Devices

As LLLT continues to gain support from Dermatologists and Trichologists, Hairmax remains at the forefront of this technology with their latest line of devices.

All Hairmax devices feature their clinically proven lasers, easy portable use, and patented hair parting technology to insure deep penetration of the light into the scalp. In fact, most hair growth lasers are less effective because they do not offer any way to separate your hair, allowing the light to penetrate to the scalp and follicles, where ATP stimulation occurs. Hairmax remains the most trusted of all laser hair growth devices.

DHR EXCLUSIVE: Free Capilia Laser Therapy Synergy Hair and Scalp Care Package Included with Select Hairmax Laser Devices! A $160.00 Value!

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Hairmax Fiber Applicator Hairmax LaserComb Universal Adapter Hairmax Essential Hair Vitamins
Hairmax Fiber Applicator
Our Price: CA$19.00
Soft pump action allows controlled amounts of fibers to be deposited.
Replacement charger for all Hairmax LaserCombs excluding the HM1 LaserComb.
Hairmax Essential Vitamins for hair loss increases the elements needed to maintain a healthy head of hair.
Hairmax Laser Band 82 Universal Adapter Hairmax Density Haircare Shampoo | 300ml Hairmax Density Haircare Conditioner | 300ml
The Hairmax Laser Band 82 Universal Adapter. Specially formulated to promote the look of denser, thicker, and healthier hair. Revitalizes each strand, resulting in hair that appears fuller, healthier, and stronger.
Hairmax Acceler8  Density Hair Booster |118ml Hairmax RSN8 Scalp Nourishing Serum | 60ml Hairmax Hair Building Fibers | 27g
Revitalizes thinning hair, creating a fuller and thicker appearance. Nourish your hair and scalp with this enriching leave-in serum, delivering deep hydration. Blend with existing hair, providing coverage and density to hide receding areas and create a fuller appearance.
Hairmax 272 LaserCap Replacement Battery Hairmax Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb Hairmax LaserComb Ultima 12
Hairmax LaserComb Ultima 12
Our Price: CA$549.00
Replacement battery for Hairmax 272 Laser Cap An easy to use targeted laser treatment that delivers therapeutic light therapy directly to your hair follicles to reverse the thinning process. Hairmax LaserComb Ultima 12 with 12 Laser Diodes 8 minute treatment time.
Hairmax ComfortFlex LaserBand 41 w/ Free Haircare Bundle Hairmax 82 ComfortFlex Hairmax FLIP 80 Laser Cap w/ Free Haircare Bundle
Flexible band design features 41 medical-grade lasers, soft-touch patented hair parting teeth, and fast treatment time. Flexible band design features 82 medical-grade lasers, soft-touch patented hair parting teeth, and fast treatment time.
80 medical-grade lasers on each side, the cap provides a total of 160 lasers for comprehensive coverage when flipped.
Hairmax Laser 202 PowerFlex Cap w/ Free Haircare Bundle
Delivering mobile convenience, 202 medical-grade lasers ensure optimal laser delivery and comprehensive coverage across the entire scalp.