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Afro2 Alan LM Bella Moda - Capri
Our Price: CA$790.00
Alan LM
Our Price: CA$800.00
Bella Moda - Capri
Our Price: CA$800.00
Fine welded mono lace base for ethnic clients Welded Mono (EZ-On) Poly border base Mono Poly base with French lace front
Bella Moda - Milano Bella Moda - Roma Bella Moda - Sorrento
Bella Moda - Milano
Our Price: CA$682.00
Bella Moda - Roma
Our Price: CA$795.00
Bella Moda - Sorrento
Our Price: CA$790.00
French lace base with poly border on sides and back Clear Skin base with scalloped front German lace base with French lace front and poly borders
Dante Duplicator Echelon
Our Price: CA$766.00
Our Price: CA$1,175.00
Our Price: CA$740.00
EZ-On mesh base lace front with European hair
Full cap mono/poly lace front Fine welded mono base with thin poly border and lace front
Edge Edge Lace Edge Lite
Our Price: CA$705.00
Edge Lace
Our Price: CA$720.00
Edge Lite
Our Price: CA$720.00
Tissue thin skin throughout Tissue thin skin throughout Tissue thin skin throughout
Edge Plus Edge XT Elan-EZ
Edge Plus
Our Price: CA$710.00
Edge XT
Our Price: CA$710.00
Our Price: CA$785.00
Tissue thin skin throughout Tissue thin skin throughout All Fine Welded Mono
Elan-EZF Elan-LT Elan-SF
Our Price: CA$855.00
Our Price: CA$720.00
Our Price: CA$855.00
Fine Welded Mono with fine French lace front. Tissue thin skin with looped knotting All Swiss lace
Elan-T Elan-TF Elation
Our Price: CA$750.00
Our Price: CA$785.00
Our Price: CA$785.00
All tissue thin skin All tissue thin skin with 2" French lace front. A thin skin system with kinky hair for African American men.
Folligraft2 Folligraft5 Henry
Our Price: CA$800.00
Our Price: CA$800.00
Our Price: CA$749.00
Silk re-inforced skin based with thin clear skin front. Fine Welded Monofilamnet throughout with removable tape patches. Fine Monofiliment base with poly coating and a heavy density of hair.
Mr. Bond Omnilace Omnilite
Mr. Bond
Our Price: CA$970.00
Our Price: CA$799.00
Our Price: CA$750.00
Full Cap System with Monofilament base and poly areas for Sizing. Lace Front. All Skin based system with French lace front. All Skin System of moderate durability.
OnRite Ovation Ovation Endura Ovation Lace
Our Price: CA$760.00
Ovation Endura
Our Price: CA$899.00
Ovation Lace
Our Price: CA$840.00
Fine Monofilament hair system with cut-away lines and clear skin front. Fine Monofilament hair system with cut-away lines and clear skin front. Super Fine French Lace with Poly Border