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Bioscal Products are based on the original hair loss treatment known as the 'Helsinki Formula" developed in Helsinki over 20 years ago. No other hair treatment has such proven track record. The Bioscal treatment works by effectively cleaning the sebum buildup around the hair follicles, allowing hair to grow easier and thicker. The other products in the Bioscal lineup are very effective in maintaining a healthy scalp environment for your hair to grow. The special shampoo is helpful for those who have excessive scalp buildup or dandruff.
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Bioscal Special Shampoo 250ml Bioscal Special Shampoo 250ml

Effectively removes existing dandruff and relieves itchiness. Many dandruff shampoos contain zinc or tar. Bioscal shampoo for problem scalps does not contain any harmful ingredients and can therefore be used on a regular basis.

Our Price: $18.99
Bioscal Shampoo 250ml Bioscal Shampoo 250ml

This is a deep-pore cleanser that contains emollients related to those produced by the scalp itself Bioscal shampoo gently cleans as it protects the scalp and hair. While it was developed specifically to increase the effectiveness of the Bioscal Treatment

Our Price: $18.99
Conditioner 250ml Conditioner 250ml

Formerly "Rinse Plus", a conditioning rinse that revives limp, dull and lifeless hair. The conditioner in conjunction with other Bioscal products restores the hair's elasticity, protect against chemical damage, moisturizes dry scalp and hair, detangles an

Our Price: $18.99
Hair & Scalp Revitalizer 250ml Hair & Scalp Revitalizer 250ml

This product is a leave in conditioner. It provides round the clock protection once the treatment concentrate is washed off. This is applied after shampooing on towel dried hair. It is briefly massaged in. The Revitalizer provides nourishment to the scalp

Our Price: $26.99
Bioscal Special Shampoo 500ml Bioscal Special Shampoo 500ml

Save approx. 20% off our already low prices by ordering the larger size.

Our Price: $34.95
Conditioner 500ml Conditioner 500ml

Our Price: $34.95
Shampoo 500ml Shampoo 500ml

Our Price: $34.99
Bioscal Treatment Concentrate 60 ml Bioscal Treatment Concentrate 60 ml

The original penetrating formula that helps arrest hairloss and restore lost hair. This is a treatment for hair loss. It is to be used on a daily basis for minimum of 3 months. It is not a leave-in. This should be applied ideally in the evening prior to g

Our Price: $39.99
Conditioner 1 Litre Conditioner 1 Litre

Our Price: $55.95
Bioscal Treatment Concentrate 120 ml Bioscal Treatment Concentrate 120 ml

Purchase 2 60 ml Concentrates and save!!

Our Price: $71.95
Bioscal Hair Rescue Kit Bioscal Hair Rescue Kit

The complete Starter package containing:
1 60ml Concentrate
1 250ml Revitaliser
1 250ml Shampoo
1 250ml Conditioner

Our Price: $99.69