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New Image NX-Gen Skin Effects NX-Gen Skin Effects

This is the thinnest skin available. It is for the person who wants the most natural look in a hair system possible.

New Image Geomatrix 1 GM 1

New Image Geomatrix 1 is designed with a thin skin front with scallop # 5. It has a fine mono base poly urethane coating around the sides and back.

New Image Geomatrix 2 GM 2

The Geomatrix 2 features a fine mono center with clear polyurethane around the entire perimeter. The wide poly allows for versatility in sizing and it can be cut down to as small as 3.5 X 4.5.

New Image Geomatrix 5 Hair System GM 5

The Geomatrix 5 is a traditional design for those who like a system that will last. The system is made of strong nylon mesh and coated with polyurethane around the entire perimeter.

New Image Geomatrix 6 GM 6

The Geomatrix 6 is an all skin base. Though not the thinnest base available, it does have a great hairline which is made with a looped knotting technique.

New Image Icon Icon

Icon is probably the best all lace hair graft available. It is made of super fine Welded mono that is thinner and more invisible then any French or Swiss lace.

New Image MGM MGM

The MGM is a fine mono filament hair system with a short .25" French lace front. This allows for a natural hairline without the issues of an extended lace front.

New Image MGM Grand MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is a fine mono filament hair system with an extended lace front at .5" French lace front.

New Image NX-Gen Lace Effects NX-Gen Lace Effects

A super fine all French Lace hair system. One of the most natural looking French Lace hair systems available.

New Image Octagon Hair System Octagon

All French Lace hair system with bleached knots and polyurethane border

New Image Paragon Plus Hair System Paragon Plus

The New Image Paragon Plus Hair System is made of all fine welded mono filament and features bleached knots. Available in 3 densities.

New Image Pentagon Pentagon

The New Image Pentagon features all welded mono base with French lace front

New Image Polygraft 2 Hair System Polygraft 2

The New Image Polygraft 2 Hair System features and all skin base of medium thickness for a good compromise between the natural look of skin and longevity.

New Image Quantum 1 Quantum 1

The New Image Quantum 1 is is a an all French lace hair system featuring bleached knots in the front for an invisible hair line. One of the first and still one of the best all French Lace hair systems.

New Image Quantum 2 Quantum 2

The Quantum 2 is made with a lighter weight polyurethane and colorless knotting throughout using the v-loop technology. this means that hair is not tied, but looped into the base so no knots show.

New Image Quantum 5 Quantum 5

The Quantum 5 adds longevity to the all lace system by reinforcing the perimeter with a second layer of lace. This helps maintain the shape of the system through repeated attachments as well. Knots are bleached in the front for a natural hair line.

New Image Quantum 6 Quantum 6

One of the most popular New Image systems, the Quantum 6 is made with French lace and a thin skin polyurethane border around the sides and back to allow for the various attachments.

New Image Quantum 6 Hi-Lites Quantum 6 Hi-Lites

This system is identical to the Quantum 6, but has the added feature of high lights, eliminating the need to high light the hair system after production.

New Image Quantum 8 Quantum 8

The Quantum 8 is a Silk base hair system. This base provides for a very natural scalp appearance, and New Image has added thin skin around the edges to allow for excellent blending and a natural hair line.

New Image Spectragon Spectragon

The Spectragon features the interior removable tape patch on a welded mono filament base. The sides and back have the beveled poly border for blending and attachment versatility.

New Image XtS - Virtual Reality XtS - Virtual Reality

The XTS Virtual Reality is a super thin skin system with a reasonable life span of 1 to 2 months, depending on usage. This system is the most natural looking of any system. the hair is looped in throughout with single hairs so there are no knots to hide.

New Image Millenium Millenium

The Millenium is made fine welded mono filament. Welded Mono is a stiffer lace that looks natural, but maintains it shape better then French lace.

New Image Quantum 7LD Quantum 7LD

The Quantum 7LD is a unique design. A French lace center with a poly coated border and thin clear skin on the outside edge. This provides for excellent blending on the sides and a natural hair line finished with v-looped knotting.

New Image- H Boss H Boss

H Boss

Base: Fine Mono

Application: Daily wear. Perimeter bond.

Size: 9 3/4" X 7 3/4"

*Human Hair
*Grey is synthetics, except for 65%, 80% and 60RY, when Yak is used

Hair Length: 4"-6"

Application Type:
Daily Wear
*Perimeter bond

Style: Freestyle