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OnRite's Royal Collection is ideal for women who do not require full augmentation, but still want more hair. These are top-of-the-head designs that build on and integrate with existing hair.
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Topaz Topaz

Integration Mesh - Partial

Our Price: CA$715.00
Pearl Pearl

Fine mono PU Border - Partial

Our Price: CA$850.00
Rose Lace Front Rose Lace Front

Monofilament Lace front - Partial

Our Price: CA$860.00
Rose Rose

Monofilament PU - Partial

Our Price: CA$900.00
Turquoise Turquoise

Mono Filament PU border - Partial

Our Price: CA$925.00
Emerald Emerald

Mono top with poly border and integration

Our Price: CA$1,125.00
Tiara Tiara

Mono Filament ntegration mix - Partial

Our Price: CA$1,185.00
Amethyst - Lace Front Amethyst - Lace Front

M-Mesh Lace front Partial

Our Price: CA$1,375.00
Garnet Garnet

M-Mesh partial

Our Price: CA$1,445.00
Amethyst Amethyst

M-Mesh Partial

Our Price: CA$1,575.00
Peridot Peridot

All skin - Partial

Our Price: CA$2,185.00
Moonstone Moonstone

All Welded Mono filament

Our Price: CA$2,265.00