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Hair Loss Treatments

DHR believes in treating hair loss during the early stages to help maintain existing hair and thicken hair that is starting to thin. Treatments are also good for hair system users who are finding the hair on the sides of their head is getting thinner and blending of a hair system is more difficult. We carry a wide range of treatment products that have been shown to work. No "snake oil" here! With the large number of bogus treatment products on the market, we believe in keeping the choice narrowed to products that have been either proven to work, or that have withstood the test of time. So whether you are looking for a vitamin supplement specifically for hair loss, a laser hair regeneration device, or medically proven Minoxidil, you can find it here.
Bioscal Hair Loss Treatment Capilia Kamitek Hair Microfibres Capilia Trichology and Scalp Health
Bioscal Products are great for reducing the buildup of sebum on the scalp that clog hair follicles and hinder hair growth. more info
Capillus Laser Caps DermaZinc Hairmax Laser Devices and Accessories
High-quality remedy for various conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, dandruff, and diverse chronic skin ailments.
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Hairmax Laser Devices and Accessories Health Canada and FDA approved for both men and women.
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iGrow Hair Rejuvenation System Vitamins and Supplements Volluma Hair Thickener
iGrow Hair Rejuvenation System more info

Hair Loss Vitamins and Supplements
Hair loss treatment regimens should include vitamins and supplements as they can impact hair growth and quality. Depending solely on Biotin to combat hair loss is not recommended as studies indicate it only benefits those with a Biotin deficiency, which is uncommon among adults since it's present in several common foods and can be synthesized by the body. Imbalances in nutrients, whether excess or deficiency, can worsen specific hair loss conditions. Hormone and autoimmune functions are factors in numerous hair loss conditions, and certain nutrients can aid in their regulation and improve hair growth.
To determine the ideal combination of vitamins for your particular condition, you can contact our trichologist for guidance. HairMax Hair Skin and Nails are recommended for overall hair health with high biotin and saw palmetto content, while Capilia Vitalia offers a more balanced multi-vitamin formula without saw palmetto.

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Volluma Hair Thickener is an easy to use hair thickener that utilizes keratin particles to increase the thickness of your hair in seconds. Simply spray on and eliminate thinning hair instantly and you are ready to go. more info
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Hairmax Fiber Applicator Hairmax LaserComb Universal Adapter Bioscal Special Shampoo | 250ml
Hairmax Fiber Applicator
Our Price: CA$19.00
Soft pump action allows controlled amounts of fibers to be deposited.
Replacement charger for all Hairmax LaserCombs excluding the HM1 LaserComb.
Deep pore cleansing shampoo formulated for an itchy and flaky scalp.
Bioscal Normal to Dry Shampoo | 250ml Bioscal Conditioner | 250ml Bioscal Oily Shampoo | 250ml
Bioscal Conditioner | 250ml
Our Price: CA$21.95
Bioscal Oily Shampoo | 250ml
Our Price: CA$21.95
Mild, liquid deep pore cleanser that promotes healthy hair growth. Soften and strengthen dry damaged hair to support healthy hair growth. Promote healthy hair growth with this mild deep pore cleanser formulated for oily scalps.
Pure Encapsulations Iron Plus Essentials | 60 Cap Hairmax Essential Hair Vitamins Douglas Labs Vitamin D 1000 IU
Aids in the formation and functioning of red blood cells, helping to prevent iron deficiency anemia and the resulting tiredness and fatigue. Hairmax Essential Vitamins for hair loss increases the elements needed to maintain a healthy head of hair. Having adequate levels of Vitamin D can promote various health advantages, one of which is maintaining strong and lengthy hair.
Volluma Shampoo Hairmax Laser Band 82 Universal Adapter Volluma Finishing Spray 300 ml
Volluma Shampoo
Our Price: CA$24.95
Volluma Shampoo - for the extraordicary hair thickener and vollumizer. The Hairmax Laser Band 82 Universal Adapter. Finishing Spray to lock in colour and restore shine to your hair after applying Volluma Hair Thickener.
Pure Encapsulations Biotin 8000MCG Bioscal Hair & Scalp Revitalizer | 250ml Hairmax Density Haircare Shampoo | 300ml
Beneficial for supporting the health of hair, skin, and nails. Leave-in product that nourishes the scalp and hair and provides protection between shampoos. Specially formulated to promote the look of denser, thicker, and healthier hair.
Hairmax Density Haircare Conditioner | 300ml Genestra Amino L-Tyrosine | 60 Capsules Kamitek Hair Microfibres | 22g
Revitalizes each strand, resulting in hair that appears fuller, healthier, and stronger. Assists in the management of hair loss conditions that involve inflammation. Camouflage thinning areas on your scalp with all natural cotton fibers.
Capilia Purifying Shampoo |250ml Capilia Density Control Shampoo (Men) | 250ml Capilia Fine or Thinning Hair Shampoo (Women) | 250ml
Formulated for scalps affected by psoriasis, eczema and large dandruff. Designed to cleanse the scalp of calcium and oils to promote better hair growth. Its specific composition is reserved exclusively for men. Designed to cleanse and thoroughly purify the scalp and hair in order to regulate the hair cycle. Its composition is targeted exclusively towards women.
Capilia Dry Dandruff Shampoo | 250ml Capilia Oily Dandruff Shampoo | 250ml Capilia Oily Scalp Shampoo | 250ml
Cleanses the scalp of calcium and oily residue, promoting better hair growth. Purifying and sanitizing shampoo that eliminates oily scales and dandruff from scalp. Refreshes the scalp and stops the itching and unpleasant odors caused by an oily scalp.
Capilia Densifying Shampoo | 250ml Capilia Seasonal Shedding Shampoo | 250ml Capilia Dry Scalp Shampoo | 250ml
Keeps your follicles clean and healthy, which helps your hair look as thick and full as possible. Provides an optimized environment to promote healthy hair reproduction and growth during shedding season. Hydration treatment for extremely dry scalp and hair.
Genestra Saw Palmetto Plus Genestra D3 2500 Extra Strength Capilia Vitalia Hair Loss Supplements
All Natural DHT Blocker for male pattern baldness (AGA). Formulated for individuals who have low levels of vitamin D or are at a heightened risk of experiencing a deficiency. Contains all of the important vitamins and minerals required for healthy hair growth.